The Government Shutdown is a Shutdown on Women’s Rights

It’s day 28 of the government shutdown and while government workers are feeling the brunt of the burden, the impact on other demographics is breaking the scale. We won’t know the full consequences of this shutdown until much later but it’s evidentially true it’s negatively affecting women. With the government in a full stop the... Continue Reading →


12 Days of Podcasts

We are now just twelve days away from Christmas and to celebrate, here are 12 podcasts you should start listening to in the new year. While there are so many fun, witty, and fascinating podcasts out there, these are a few of my favorite podcasts that center around intelligent topics and news--national and global. 1.... Continue Reading →

The Rape Kit Backlog

According to The Joyful Heart Foundation every 98 seconds, someone is sexually assaulted in the United States. The chances he or she will report or get a rape kit are extremely low. After an assault, Holly Morseman, sexual assault trauma counselor, said the victim experiences immediate shock, denial, and bodily detachment. The idea of reporting... Continue Reading →

Russia—land of arts and censorship

Russia, known for its historic blending of architecture, music, and art with culture and politics, marches towards a new historic marker. On Wednesday Krill Serebrennikov, one of Russia’s modern icons for theater, was charged with financial fraud. Russian intellectuals see the trial as an affront to artist freedom.  Kirill Serebrennikov's crime is much less an... Continue Reading →

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